How Many Calories – Chicken

chicken breastHow Many Calories Are In Chicken Breast?

The amount of calories in chicken breast will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include how it is cooked, what the chicken is cooked in or with and the specific serving size. The below information is based on chicken with/without skin and the chicken cooked alone. Adding any sauces or other additives during the cooking process will increase the calorie count. These are approximate numbers and can vary depending on exact size and cooking method.

Chicken is considered by most to be a healthy meal item. High in protein and low in saturated fat. It also contains a variety of B vitamins.

› 1oz of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

About 35 Calories

› 1cup of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

About 230 Calories

› 1 Small Slice of Chicken Breast

No Skin: 12 Calories  |  With Skin: 15 Calories

› 1 Medium Size Slice of Chicken Breast

No Skin: 24 Calories  |  With Skin: 29 Calories

› 1 Large Size Slice of Chicken Breast (1oz approx.)

No Skin: 35 Calories  |  With Skin: 42 Calories

› 1 Small Chicken Breast

No Skin: 250 Calories  |  With Skin: 330 Calories

› 1 Medium Chicken Breast

No Skin: 285 Calories  |  With Skin: 385 Calories

› 1 Large Chicken Breast

No Skin: 323 Calories  |  With Skin: 435 Calories

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