How Many Calories – Coffee

coffee beansHow many calories
are in coffee?

The amount of calories in coffee will vary greatly depending on what you put into the drink itself. Drinking black coffee with no additives is very low in calories, while adding sugar, milk and cream will quickly add large amounts of calories.

Some recent studies have shown coffee to be a relatively healthy drink compared to other caffeinated beverages like soda. Remember, the healthy aspects of coffee are quickly overshadowed once additives like sugar and cream are introduced.


› Calories in (1) 8oz. Cup of Brewed Coffee

About 5 Calories (before any additives)

Calories in (1) Tablespoon of These Additives

› Cream About 50 Calories

› Half-and-Half About 20 Calories

› Whole Milk About 10 Calories

› Fat-Free Milk About 5 Calories

› Sugar About 48 Calories

› Non-Dairy Powder Creamer About 35 Calories

› Flavored Non-Dairy Powder Creamer About 45 Calories

› Plain Non-Dairy Liquid Creamer About 20 Calories

› Flavored Non-Dairy Liquid Creamer About 35 Calories

› Flavored Low-Fat Non-Dairy Liquid Creamer About 20 Calories

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