How Many Calories – Potato

potatoesHow many calories are in a Potato?

Potatoes are one of those foods that can be prepared in healthy ways and in very unhealthy ways. Depending on how you cook a potato they can be relatively low in calories. Boiled and baked potatoes are considered by many to be good for you. Potato chips and french fries are not good for you and contain large amounts of fats and unhealthy calories. Many low carb dieters cut potatoes out of their diet altogether because they are high in starch, carbohydrates and lack protein. However, potatoes and their skin are still a great source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. The below numbers are based on cooked potatoes with the skin and without salt or other additives.

› Calories in Boiled Potatoes

About 130 Calories

› Calories in Baked Potatoes

About 160 Calories

› Calories in Sweet Potatoes

About 103 Calories

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