How Many Calories – Steak

steakHow many calories are in steak?

Below we will look at a few different kinds of steak and their calorie count. In most ways steak is considered by many to be a healthy food item. Steak is a good source of protein. It also contains Vitamin B, zinc and iron. If you’re eating steak while on a certain weight loss program, you will probably want to eat lean cuts of steak. When purchasing your steak look at the labels. These labels will tell you if the steak is lean or extra lean. The USDA considers a lean cut of steak to be a 3.5 once serving that contains less than 10 grams of total fat and less than 4.5 grams of saturated fat. Keep in mind, a leaner cuts of steak will have less grams of saturated fat. There are also certain preparation techniques that can aid in reducing saturated fat in steak.

Calories in 8oz of steak

Let’s look at the calorie count in an 8oz piece of steak for a variety of types.
These numbers are from lean cuts of steak before any additives or sauces.

› New York Strip Steak

393 calories

› T-Bone Steak

401 calories

› Tenderloin

407 calories

› Sirloin

428 calories

› Porterhouse Steak

439 calories

Calories in steak – by type and cut size

These calorie numbers are based on just the lean steak cuts alone. No additives, sauces or spices.
Cooking methods include broiling or grilling.

› Calories in T-bone Steak

200 calories 4 oz

300 calories 6 oz

401 calories 8 oz

600 calories 12 oz

› Calories in Ribeye Steak

220 calories 4 oz

330 calories 6 oz

440 calories 8 oz

660 calories 12 oz

› Calories in Sirloin Steak

212 calories 4 oz

318 calories 6 oz

428 calories 8 oz

636 calories 12 oz

› Calories in Flank Steak

180 calories 4 oz

363 calories 6 oz

540 calories 8 oz

722 calories 12 oz

› Calories in Tenderloin

204 calories 4 oz

306 calories 6 oz

407 calories 8 oz

612 calories 12 oz

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