Dukan Diet Recipes

dukan_recipesKeep in mind most of these recipes can be used for the last phase of the diet. However you should learn more about the diet before attempting any of these recipes for the other phases of the Dukan Diet. Learn more about the Dukan Diet.


small_check2 Dukan Diet Shrimp

small_check2 Cheese Ham & Chicken Sandwich

small_check2 Beef Salad

small_check2 Italian Herb Eggs

small_check2 Eggs & Ham

What To Eat While Using The Dukan Diet

Seafood – As you know, seafood is high in protein which makes it perfect for the Dukan Diet. Recommended foods include fish, shellfish and crustaceans.
You must be careful how the seafood is cooked, as no oils or additions of fats are allowed.

Meat – Allowed lean meats include: lean cuts beef, veal or ham with any fat removed, low-fat bacon and even rabbit are acceptable choices.

Poultry – Being careful how the poultry is cooked and with any skin/fat removed you can eat: chicken, turkey, and most game birds.

Dairy Products and Eggs – Dairy products that are fat-free are allowed with the Dukan Diet as long as no sugar is added. Foods include: eggs, skim milk, yogurt and some low-fat cheeses.

Remember it will depend on the phase you’re in when choosing your foods to eat.

Dukan Diet Daily Meal Sample

Breakfast – 1 egg and coffee

Lunch – Chicken breast and low fat yogurt

Dinner – Salmon fillet and Salad

Depending on the phase at least 1.5 liters water and oat bran

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