Mediterranean Diet Recipes

mediterranean_meal_imageThe Mediterranean Diet is considered by many health professionals to be one of the most healthy diets. The below recipes are a perfect match for this diet.

Experimenting with different sides will help you fine tune these recipes to your families tastes. Diets like the Mediterranean Diet emphasis the importance of fresh healthy foods. These recipes fit right in.

small_check2 Easy Mediterranean Breakfast Pita

small_check2 Stuffed Peppers

small_check2 Vegetable Salad

small_check2 Mediterranean Salmon Fillet

small_check2 Mediterranean Tomato Chicken

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

The Mediterranean Diet is best suited for someone who loves fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s also important to be a seafood eater. The Mediterranean diet is mainly vegetarian with the addition of fresh fish and other seafood. You will stay clear of processed foods, fast food and unhealthy fats such as butter.  The Mediterranean Diet is thought by many to be a very healthy diet and most who practice this diet agree. Putting together a meal plan for the Mediterranean diet is easy. There are lots of recipes on this site, as well other websites that will work perfect for this diet.

Example Meal Plan For The Mediterranean Diet


Low fat Yogurt with some of your favorite fresh berries. You can also include toast, but use olive oil instead of butter.


Fresh Salad using cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, some low-fat cheese.  You could use some fresh chicken breast if desired.


Apple slices or other fruit/vegetable of choice. Nuts like cashews, almonds and even walnuts are a good snack for the diet.


Fresh cooked salmon or shrimp with sides like broccoli or fresh from the garden green beans. Include some healthy rice or grains.

Many recipes that you love can be used with the Mediterranean Diet with just few changes. Be sure if it calls for butter, to use olive oil instead. Use fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or processed. Why use salt when you can get better flavor using fresh herbs and spices.

When looking for a snack, nuts are a perfect choice for the Mediterranean Diet. Be careful because nuts can be high in calories so only eat a small amount, about a handful. Stay clear of honey roasted and nuts with heavy salt content. Learn more about a Mediterranean Diet.

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