The 17 Day Diet

What Is The 17 Day Diet?

The 17 Day Diet contains three, 17 day cycles and a fourth being a long term maintenance cycle. The diet is said to be a way to lose pounds quickly and also helps dieters stay excited about losing weight. The first three cycles are called Accelerate, Activate and Achieve, with the fourth being the Arrive Cycle. The creator of The 17 Day Diet, Dr. Michael Rafael Moreno, also known as “Dr. Mike,” introduces the diet on the official website.  He explains that on The 17 Day Diet you don’t get bored. You can still go out on the weekends and have the occasional drink and still lose the weight. It’s about getting the results you’re looking for while still enjoying life.

Exercise and dieting go hand-in-hand. You are encouraged to exercise during the 17 Day Diet. The diet includes a 17 minute workout you can use, as well doing your own light exercises. Exercises like walking and swimming are some options to consider.

The Cycles of the 17 Day Diet


The first cycle is basically a cleansing phase where you remove unhealthy carbs from your diet, change your unhealthy eating habits and wake-up your fat metabolism. Your calorie intake on this cycle will be around 1200 calories a day and it is said you can lose 10-15 pounds. Accelerate cycle allows for consumption of non starch vegetables and lean protein. You are to limit your fruit intake.


On the second cycle, “Activate” you will change-up what you are consuming and bring the calorie intake up slightly, to about 1500 calories. This cycle is said to reset your metabolism during this up and down calorie intake mix and help prevent plateaus.


This third cycle will reintroduce healthier meals with the proper proportions. During this cycle you can expect the loss of weight to slow to about 2-3 pounds. The Active cycle and Achieve cycles are to be repeated until you reach your desired goals. Once you achieve these goals you can progress to cycle 4.


Of course named because you have achieved your goal and now it’s time to stay here. In this fourth cycle you can choose from an earlier cycles meal plan for the week and you are allowed to splurge (within reason), on the weekends. The 17 Day Diet explains, doing this will help keep you at your goal weight.

While many of today’s diets limit the type of foods you can eat, one of the unique differences with the 17 Day Diet, is that you have an abundance of foods you can consume. Here are just a few of the lean proteins, vegetables and drinks allowed.

Eggs, chicken/turkey breast, seafood, yogurt, grapefruit, lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, green tea and water.

Sample Day’s Eating Plan For 17 Day Diet Cycle 1


1 serving scrambled eggs
1 Grapefruit


Salad with lettuce, tomato, carrots, and cucumber
1 serving of Yogurt


Turkey breast
Steamed broccoli and asparagus
1 glass of green tea

Also, remember to drink 64 oz. of water throughout the day.

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