The Carb Lovers Diet

What Is The Carb Lovers Diet?

To understand the Carb Lovers Diet we need to re-think everything we know about healthy dieting. Most popular diet plans like The Atkins Diet, will tell you carbs are the enemy. Many health professionals feel the opposite. They explain that it’s not the carbs that are causing weight gain and unhealthy habits. It is over indulging in these foods and eating the wrong carbs that contribute to the obesity problem. In fact, carbs can be a source of energy for your body and may help you shed pounds according to the Carb Lovers Diet.

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

If some carbs are good and some are bad, how do you know the difference? Carbs high in resistant starch are considered good carbs. Carbohydrates like resistant starch can make you feel full and prevent cravings by resisting digestion in the small intestine. These carbs also have been linked to boosting metabolism and controlling blood sugar.

What can you eat with the Carb Lovers Diet?

The carb lovers diet may be the perfect answer for someone who has trouble sticking to a strict meal plan. With Carb Lovers you can eat from all the food groups and you will be surprised at some of the items you are allowed to eat.

Resistant Starch Foods Include:

• Potatoes
• Whole-wheat pasta
• Beans
• Bananas
• Corn
• Lentils
• Brown Rice

The above list is just a few foods that are considered resistant starch.
Here is a more complete list of resistant starch foods.

It can be difficult to know if a certain food item is considered a resistant starch, since this is not something that is on nutrition labels. It’s best to do your research and know what foods are resistant starch before you shop.

Carb Lovers Diet Quick Overview

Week one includes a detox period that will cut calorie intake to 1200 per day. However you will eat four meals each day and the diet says 6lbs. will be lost during this first week. Then after week one, you move to 1600 calories with 5 meals per day. Keep in mind these are small meals, but because they are high in resistant starch you should feel full. The first week is the most restrictive, but after that you can eat more of the foods you love. Items like potato chips, chocolate and even beer are on the menu.

Carb Lovers Diet Tips & Rules

Each meal must contain 25 percent resistant starch with the other 75 percent being protein, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats. Eat many of your favorite foods, but in small quantities and above all portion control is a must.

Exercise with The Carb Lovers Diet

The same as any healthy diet – exercise is important. The Carb Lovers Diet is no exception. The diet calls for weight training workouts 2 or 3 times per week and some kind of aerobic exercise the remaining days.
Some ideas of aerobic exercises include swimming, walking or even playing your favorite exercise video games.

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