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dietFind the right diet for you. That’s what www.FreeDietSource.com is all about. We want to offer a place where people can go and explore different diet programs and healthy eating for free. In fact, we don’t offer anything for sale on this site. Our information is free for all to explore. Our content is meant as a tool to help you make an educated decision on different diet programs before you make a purchase of a book or other items from someone else.

One of the main sections of our site is diet reviews. These reviews are basic overviews of different diet programs. These overviews give you a good idea about each diet, teach you what you can eat and help you make an overall decision whether the diet is for you. Using this knowledge you can now take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle. We are always adding more reviews and content to these sections. As new programs become available we will try and add basic information about them. We will try to guide you to the place where you can either purchase the program or get more information.
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