Pescetarian Diet Food List

shrimp and vegetablesWhat can’t you eat as a Pescetarian?

Since you can eat almost anything as a pescetarian let’s see what you can’t eat first.

A growing number of people are taking up what is called a pescetarian life style. A pescetarian is someone who is close to a vegetarian except they allow the addition of seafoods and some dairy products. So what can’t you eat if you are a pescetarian? Well, you can’t eat land dwelling animals. No meats except that of fish and other seafoods.

Other than meats of land dwelling animals, there really is no other foods you can’t eat. However, some claim that true pecetarians do not eat dairy and eggs. This is somewhat of a disputed fact among pescetarians as some choose to eat these items and still call them selves pescetarians, while other strictly forbid these foods.

You can however eat most:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Shell Fish Seafood
  • Fresh Fish
  • Eggs and Dairy Products (Maybe)

A pescetarian diet seems to be somewhat of a healthy diet and easy to follow. The only real downside is that some fish contain mercury and consuming large quantities could be harmful.

See a full list of foods allowed on a pescetarian diet eating plan.

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