Beat the Fat: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Diet

Many individuals have the desire to lose their extra pounds. However, even before they start with their weight loss plan, thoughts of going through a healthy diet with bland foods prevent them from pushing through. For them, besides giving up their favorite foods, they have to forgo flavor. They can, actually, eat healthy dishes without giving up taste. They can easily find ways to spice up their diet, with the available information on the Internet.

Using Spices to Enhance Meals

Spices are a healthy alternative to salt. They give taste and aroma to food without the water retention and health risks caused by salt. There is a variety of spices and some are best for certain types of meats and vegetables. Onion and pepper are best for beef and pork. Marjoram makes beef, veal, fish, chicken and some vegetables more flavorful. Nutmeg and sage add more taste to beef, pork, and chicken. Curry powder works well with lamb and veal.

Adding Olive Oil to Add Flavor without the Guilt

Using olive oil is a healthy alternative to butter and other cooking oils. It can add subtle flavor to breakfast bread. A little drizzle of olive oil can keep vegetables fresh and crisp while enhancing their flavor. This can also be included when sauteing meat. When baking pastries, it can take the place of butter.

Fat-burning Chili Pepper

Chili peppers have several benefits, one of which is burning fat. So, adding them in whatever form to various recipes will not only enhance food but let people lose weight. One such recipe is included in the blender reviews. This is called The Bean Dip, which consists of canned beans, diced tomatoes, chili powder, cumin and cilantro. Beans and tomatoes are drained then placed in a blender before adding the other spices.

Replacing Salt with Lemon

Most people have been using salt in cooking and adding taste to almost all kinds of dishes. This is why most of them become bloated, making it harder to lose weight. So, most dietitians advise people to replace salt with something healthier like lemon juice. Its tart flavor adds zest to casseroles, salads, and chicken. Unlike salt, lemon juice does not cause water retention and high blood pressure.

Honey’s Advantages over Sugar

Sugar is important to the body because it gives energy. However, when more sugar is consumed, the remaining sugar will be stored as fat. This makes it harder to burn. So, this should be replaced with something that can add sweetness but not as much calories. Honey, can replace sugar in foods and drinks that you take in your daily diet. Since it is sweeter than sugar, people add just a little amount to spice up their drink or meal.

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