How Many Calories – Avocado

sliced avocadoHow many calories in an Avocado?

Since avocados vary in size so does the amount of calories in each. Avocados have more calories compared to other fruits. When looking at the calorie content of an avocado some factors including overall size and pit size need to be taken into account. A smaller pit will mean more flesh inside, resulting in more calories. Avocados also offer a large supply of healthy fats, help lower cholesterol and are an excellent source of vitamin E. Avocados are most widely used for guacamole, but may also be used in salads.

› Calories in 1oz of Avocado

About 45 Calories

› Calories in 1 Cup of Avocado Cubes

About 240 Calories

› Calories in a Medium Size Avocado

About 260 Calories

› Calories in 1/4 Cup Guacamole

About 90 Calories

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