How Many Calories – Eggs

eggsHow many calories are in an egg?

Like any food, eggs vary in calorie count depending on the size and type of the egg. How and with what you cook the eggs will also change the amount of calories. Below we will break down the calorie count in different parts of the egg and offer some calorie information on different cooking methods.

Choosing to eat egg whites instead of whole eggs will cut the amount of calories and cholesterol. However, just eating the egg whites will remove much of the vitamins and minerals that make eggs so healthy.

The below numbers may vary depending on the size of the egg. This information is based on one normal medium size egg.

› Calories in a Whole Egg

About 90 Calories

› Calories in Egg Whites

About 17 Calories

› Calories in an Egg Yolk

About 55 Calories

› Calories in a Boiled Egg

About 77 Calories

› Calories in a Scrambled Egg

About 100 Calories

› Calories in a Fried Egg

About 90 Calories

› Calories in a Poached Egg

About 65 Calories

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