The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is the creation of a French medical doctor by the name of Dr. Pierre Dukan. Dr. Dukan developed his diet method while treating thousands of patients during his career. The diet is gaining popularity because many of today’s celebs have used the plan and say they have had great success. The Dukan Diet method offers weight loss from eating healthy, high-protein, low calorie foods of early man. Foods such as lean low-fat meats and vegetables. The plan includes 100 foods, 72 of which are animal based and 28 plant based. The Dukan Diet Method calls for a 4 phase plan that is advertised to not only take the weight off, but help teach you how to keep it off. The diet is said to be similar to the Atkins diet except not only do you cut out carbs, but fats too. The basis of the diet is that it’s said to be easier than most diets and once your done with the program, you can eat normally. Reserving one day a week to remain on the strict diet. The Dukan Diet states that if you follow the diet strictly, you will be able to eat normally except for this one day and not re-gain any weight over time. Some weight can come back while on the six days of eating normal, but on the strict day they will lose any gains.

There are plenty of great meals you can make while using the Dukan Diet. Here are a few Dukan Diet recipes that you might use to get started.

Phase 1 – ATTACK

The attack phase of the Dukan Diet consists of high protein foods like fish, eggs, and chicken. This phase also calls for 1.5 liters of water and 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran each day. Depending on your current weight program, the Attack phase should last anywhere from 5-10 days. It is essential that during this phase you stick to the allowed foods and not deviate from them.

Phase 2 – CRUISE

The cruise phase allows for non-starch vegetables and high protein meats. The official Dukan Diet Food List offers 28 vegetables to choose from. During this phase the dieter will alternate between pure protein days and protein mixed with these recommended vegetables. The time on the cruise phase depends on the amount of weight you’re looking to lose. This phase should be continued until you reach your goal weight.


During the consolidation phase you will be returning to a balanced diet. It is said that if you remain in the consolidation phase for 5 days per lb. lost, you should not gain any weight. Your body is vulnerable in this phase to put weight back on, so you must be careful.


This is the final and life changing part of the diet. The Dukan Diet states, you will keep the weight off for life if you follow this phase’s requirements. It consists of a weekly pure protein day each week, then you can eat what you want the remainder of the week. Including daily intake of oat bran and a healthy exercise regiment.

This is the theory behind the diet: Phase 1 gives you your rapid weight loss, eating only protein. You remain on this phase for 1-10 days depending on how much weight you plan to lose. Then during the second phase your body will adjust to your weight loss and the diet recommends staying in this phase until you reach your goal weight. This could take up to a month depending on your goals. The third phase offers a period when the strictness lightens up, but you remain here until you have completed 5 days for each pound lost. The last phase is life long and requires a high protein day each week, allowing you to eat what you want the remaining days of the week.

Dukan Diet Tips

Here are just a few tips to help you get started with the Dukan Diet.

1. Temptation is everywhere when doing any diet. No matter who you are, when you get hungry it is difficult to keep from straying from the diet protocols. Keep the tempting foods away from you. Try to keep these foods out of your home as much as possible. Think will power and keep your goals in the front of your mind. When you start to get tempted to eat something that’s not recommended think about why you’re doing this diet in the first place. Think about how if you eat this one thing right now, how it could destroy all your hard work up to this point.

2. Plan out your meals. Don’t wait until it’s time to eat to start thinking what to have for a particular meal. Doing this will result in eating something because it’s available even if it is not on the diet. Even prepackaging meals and or writing a calendar of meals could help.

3. Do your research. Before doing any diet you need to find if the diet is for you. Ask yourself these questions. Do I enjoy the foods that are on the recommended diet lists? Do I think this is something I can stick to and accomplish? Of course think positive! Consult a doctor and make sure the Dukan Diet or any diet for that matter, is ok for your body.

The Official Dr. Dukan Website:

The official website above offers some tools to help you through the diet and is a great place to learn.

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