The Paleo Caveman Diet

caveman_dietCalled the Paleolithic Diet because the basis is about eating foods our ancestors would have eaten on a daily basis, thousands of years ago. Let’s go back in time tens of thousands of years. There was no fast food, processed meats and other human additions to food items. Humans ate foods fresh and natural that they found themselves. Supporters of the Paleolithic Diet feel that our bodies are not built to eat all these processed and non-fresh food items. We are made to eat the natural fresh foods like plants and wild animals we would have hunted and gathered ourselves. Many professionals say the Paleolithic Diet is very healthy. They conclude that the diet can help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and help with weight loss. Keep in mind, there are a select few that say humans have now adapted over time to some other important food items like dairy products and grains, that removing from your diet could hurt in the long term.

Paleo Diet Basics

If you choose to use the Paleolithic Diet you will eat foods that are high in protein and fiber and eliminate processed and agricultural foods. People years ago would hunt and gather foods like lean meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t find items like grains, dairy and processed foods back this long ago. Many professionals and supporters of the Paleo Diet, say these other foods are the reason for today’s obesity and health issues. It seems the Paleo Diet could be healthy if done properly. You should always consult your physician before attempting a diet such as the Paleolithic Diet. There are many versions of this diet and some support going without eating for periods of time and even eating foods raw. This could be dangerous depending on your current health.

Paleolithic Diet and Exercise

Many diet programs also combine exercise and workout regiments to their eating plans. The Paleo Diet is no exception. A typical workout using the Paleo Diet would involve exercises like climbing, jumping, running and power lifting. Basically, anything humans would have done thousands of years ago while hunting or escaping a predator. Exercises like pilaties or dance class would probably not be on the agenda.

What Can You Eat On The Paleo Diet

The foods eaten on the Paleo Diet include fresh, lean foods that contain vitamins, fiber, and protein. There are many more food items available to eat with the Paleolithic Diet, but below will give you a starting point. Full List of Paleo/Caveman Diet Foods

Example Day Eating on the Paleolithic Diet

Breakfast – Eggs, Half Grapefruit and Orange Juice

Mid-Morning Snack – Graze on Grapes and Cashews

Lunch – Chicken Breast Salad and a Banana

Afternoon Snack – 1 Pear and graze on Nuts of Choice

Dinner – Salmon, Garden Salad, Green Tea

A vigorous workout everyday, early before work or at night. Including exercises like climbing or heavy weight training plus drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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