Now Offering a Variety of Dash Diet Recipes

Along with our new look, is focusing more on healthy eating and answering the question; “what can I eat on specific diet programs?”. This is a question we’ve found to be a popular one. Before you start any diet you need to look at the food items you will be eating. The last thing you want is start a diet get your motivation going and find out you hate the allowed foods.

One of the diets we’re focused on is the Dash Diet. Since this diet is considered one of the most healthy diet programs, we’ve decided to build a database of recipes geared specific to the Dash Diet. Anyone who has attempted a diet program will tell you sometimes finding foods and meal ideas that fit into the specific guidelines can be difficult. As we grow this section of the site we will add many more recipes that will be specific for the Dash Diet and for other diet programs. Using the Dash Diet does not mean you can’t eat. In fact, there are an abundance of great tasting meals you can eat and cook for the entire family. Check out our Dash Diet Recipes pages and check back often as we continue to add more.

Here is a list of popular Dash Diet Recipes

Soup & Salads

Black Bean and Rice Salad

Spicy Egg Drop Soup

Easy Tuna Salad

Italian Orzo Salad

Main Meal Dishes

Roast Glazed Salmon

Classic Pizza Wrap

Dash Diet Fish Tacos

Hearty Rice-Bean & Sausage

Sided & Desserts

Sweet Pineapple Salsa

Zesty Potato Skins

Walnut Sugar Snacks

Peach Cinnamon Crunch

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