The Pink Method

The newest diet craze to hit the market is the P.I.N.K Method, created by world famous nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella. The Pink Method incorporates healthy eating with a set of cardio based workouts that are handcrafted to complement each other in this phase based diet program. The Pink Method has been featured on high ranking network programs such as Dr. Phil and guarantee results or your money back.

The P.I.N.K Method is short for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and Kardio. The program costs about $70-$80 and can be bought directly from the official website at The Pink Method includes 3 workout dvd’s featuring fitness gurus Jenna Phillips, Lisa Christie and Basheerah Ahmad.

The PINK Method’s sample menu includes a choice of 3 fat burning smoothie recipes for breakfast. Lunch and dinner include healthy proteins such as turkey, chicken and fish, plus are complemented by fresh fruit or low calorie vegetables. The diet cuts out sugar rich and processed foods in order to not only promote a healthier life style, but to also detoxify the body. The recipes provided by the Pink Method make the diet pretty easy to follow and teach you how to incorporate healthy nutritional items into tasty everyday meals. The clever technique of incorporating easy to follow workouts with an understandable and realistic meal guide makes the Pink Method a simple diet that offers success for all women. The Pink Method calls for veggie rich salads and eating foods including healthy protein.

When you purchase the P.I.N.K. Method you receive…

• 240 page Nutrition Guide
• Three workout DVDs, each featuring (3) workout routines that    range from 20-40 minutes.
• 1 Bonus Workout DVD, featuring three 15-minute yoga, absand lower body workouts
• P.I.N.K. Method Certificate
• P.I.N.K. Method wristband for daily motivation

• You are also automatically enrolled in the P.I.N.K. VIP program powered by From here you can create an online profile and get connect with the P.I.N.K. community. Also offering the availability to track your progress, access more recipes, diet tips and much more.

Workouts For The Pink Method

Any health professional will tell you that exercise plays a large role in any healthy diet plan. The combination of eating healthy meals and exercising to burn calories will ultimately result in you achieving your goals. When you purchase the P.I.N.K Method you will receive 4 exercise DVDs that contain workouts that last about 20-40 minutes. These workouts combine cardio, sculpting, and flexibility exercises that together work toward a goal of fat reduction and creating lean muscle. Best of all the P.I.N.K Method promises noticeable muscle-toning results after only three weeks when you stick to the program.

The DVDs are broken up into 3 phases and designed to help you achieve maximum calorie burn. There is a bonus DVD that features 3 15-minute yoga, lower body and abs exercises. The videos on this page will give you some introductory information on the Pink Method and hopefully help you decide whether the P.I.N.K Method is for you.

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